Shalom Jerusalem


All in one day, the news will come

All in one day, the answer will arise

All in one day, the people will have eyes to see

All in one day, the horror will pass

For you see,

there was once a vision which was Jerusalem

Home of My Heart

Beauty of My Inner Circle

Wisdom of the Ancient of Days

The land was lost

The beauty destroyed

The children of promise forgotten

The plague against My people widely known

What will happen in this one day of which I speak?

Will there be a sight which has been unseen?

Will there be words that enlighten?

Will there be phenomenon that even the skeptics

will believe?

What would come that would change the average

Jewish person's perspective

and have them focus their heart, their mind, their spirit

on the God of the Heavens and His Promises once more?

What could it be that would change a whole people

into those who wait with open hearts

for a Glance from Heaven above?

Would a wealth of money?


Would a Victory sweet and innocence spared?

Not in these times

Would a border secured or enemies destroyed?

No, for that would only feed the unrest for surely

you are a people who desire more and more and more

What then would change your hearts and cause you to look

directly to the King for your help?

The death of a kingdom

The surrendering of a monarch

The march of demise upon a co-laborer

The fall of an empire

Watch for tomorrow holds the news

which cannot be relayed in words

only taught to the heart in short lessons

Watch for tomorrow holds the answer

you have searched for, but been held back from

because I chose to make another land My own

Watch for tomorrow I send My Wrath

to teach of Mercy and of Justice

to a people who say they embrace Me

but live their lives as liars and hypocrites

Watch the lands of tomorrow

for some will almost disappear from sight


I want you to see, really see what My Hand brings

to those who choose not to follow

but speak of My Name

You will learn and you will learn well

and you will learn fully

and there will be no questions in the end of time

for your hearts will simply know

as you were always meant to know

I am your Lord

your King

your Savior

your Defender

your Deliverer

Only One can save you

Only One will not betray you

Only One will open your eyes to see


this day all that is to be

For My own people know Me not

and yet, My Name they wear

as a cloak to hide their secret deeds

Do not depend on man

He will abort you in the end

He will sell your soul

and call you worthless

He will stand upon your grave

and say that your death does not matter

He will, in the end, destroy your soul

if you let him

Run to Me, O Israel!

Run, children, Run and hide beneath My Wings

Am I not the Great Eagle Who shall carry you

and protect you?

I am He Who Loves you with an everlasting Love



Psalm 107