I will restore
I will set FREE
I will bind together
I will form a unit that pleases Me

Ask for My Perfect Will
to be continually done in your marriage and your family
Call for all evil spirits
within your family / marriage to be under My Authority
Call for your children
to abide perfectly in Me
Call for your marriage to symbolize the true marriage
of the Son and His Bride

We can make a new start, people
simply by you placing all your relationships
into My Hands and asking that the bonds be
of My Spirit and My Love

I will do a new work ~ a Glorious work
I will sever Satan and his spirits away from you,
your marriage and your family
I will make you One in Me

Ask Me to bring
your marriage / family into My Perfect Position
so that you are pleasing to Me
in every way

Pray this daily
until you see
My Love, My Character, My Fullness and LIFE
fully flowing through
and out of
your marriage / family

This is what I desire



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