The money is coming
The blessings are coming
I am about to pour out a super abundance
unto My people

Are you ready?
Are you set?
Is the money Mine or yours?
Of course, you must know, that even though
the money is placed into your hands,
it is ultimately in My Hands
governed by My Will

Every penny has its place
There will be NO overt spending
NO spending outside of My Will

I have a Plan and the money will come
to My faithful ones who I trust to fulfill
My Plan perfectly

Will the money come in time?
What do you think?
Well . . . with your mind, it may appear close for some of you
but look at the Big Picture, people
"Play back the tape" after everything transpires
and you will see
in each case
how very Perfect, My Timing was

Read of Melchizedek
and his encounter with Abraham
What transpired and why?

Ask Me for Revelation
Ask that you would be in perfect heart position
to receive all that I ordain
and also be perfectly obedient
with all that I give you


Who's ready?



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