A New Day is here

but you have to believe

A New Day is here

but you have to shed your old life

to be made new

A New Day is here

but you have to take responsibility

and ask to be made whole

made complete

A New Day is here

and only you can choose

to put Satan on the run

and ask for full Restoration

A New Day is here


you will submit to God’s words

Have you heard of a spiritual analyst?

Have you known someone who can hear clearly from God

and pray for your full restoration?

Have you hoped to know the Heart of God

in a particular situation?

Do you want to know the Truth?

God is opening a window in time

where I will be available to receive mail

from those earnest for a true change

or desirous of God’s words

You may contact me here:


All emails will be kept confidential
All information will be kept private

All proceeds will go to:

House of the Living Waters
a non-profit organization

building and releasing the Kingdom of God

Study the website

and determine if you are ready

to hear a word from God