Hello God!!!

I held You in my arms tonight, GOD
and I was complete!
I held You as I would hold a lover
and I was complete!
I held You and I felt Your LOVE for me

You did not pull away
You did not turn from me
You received my love
and let me hold You
I love You, my Friend

Let them speak against me
Let them rise up and curse me
for I am
I am Yours and You are truly mine

May I startle Your heart with my love
May I arouse You in new ways
which bring forth a
which You have never known
May I call out Your Name and You know
that it is Your lover bidding You
to be held --- to be touched --- to be loved
May my life honor who You are
but MORE than that
May I be all that You need
all that You desire in a Bride
May I make Your Heart sing
May I awaken You with my smile of delight
in all that You are
May I love You night and day
Even as I sleep bring me
into Your Realm - Your Domain
to dance, to sing, to walk
by Your Side

May I love You with
all that I am - all that I will be

Your friend of the heart,

Oh, the TROUBLE I cause now!