hope   hope   hope  hope  hope   hope  hope  


There once was a city built on a hill.
The people came from all the villages about to enjoy
their time in this peaceful city.
There was music playing and food set out on tables as a feast.
The children ran to and fro without fear for they knew
that there would be no crimes committed here.
Time passed and a new tide swept in of those who believed that money
could be made from this peaceful setting and all its promises.
So, a fee was charged for each enjoyment.
The people still came, but those who offered the goods changed in ways
which the city was no longer as it once was.
Its heart had changed . . .

I HOPE that one day the presentation of Christianity
will once more be offered from the Heart of the Father
and no longer to gain money.
God spoke to me the music video to use for this page of HOPE
and I thought that He had, indeed, made the perfect choice.
However, after attempting to load it, I realized that it had copyright laws
which prohibited its display without a fee
a grand fee.
I waited over a month for God to choose another song
for I had no problems loading secular music,
and that is to be the choice this time for there is a point to make. 

We wonder when there will be a Revival.
We wonder when the people will come in droves to hear our message.
We wonder when the tide will turn.
We wonder when the people will believe our HOPE.
Jesus gave it all away freely.
He spoke and He fed the people.
No one left hungry.  No one left without being fed.
The Christian “industry” now entertains to make a profit.
It is a business.
It is not a sacrifice as it was preached by the apostles.
It is no longer Holy and rarely, if ever,
represents the Father’s Heart.

I HOPE and pray for pure, sacrificing Christianity to RISE UP
in this day and put to utter shame
those who profit from “Christian entertainment.”
We surely don’t serve the same Master.
If we, as true heirs to the King, would rise up and worship God
as He is so deserving and invite the people --- all people
to come and join us freely . . . we would have Revival,
but not only Revival,
but the full transformation of the people who come. 

Each Sunday, many enter church and are told to support their local church
and foreign missions with money from their pockets. 
Conferences, seminars, concerts, teachings are held daily across this country for a fee. 
For you see, it costs money now to hear of God’s free plan of Salvation. 

So now, the instructions come from God to place in the movie holder,
a song by a young Jewish man who realizes the choice.
“(You) Gotta Serve Somebody”
Choose today, Christian, if you serve your heart of greed
or the Father’s Heart of Love when you decide to present the Gospel.
I HOPE this day that you will know the difference,
for there’s a world out there longing to know a God who is loving and kind
and willing to offer them ALL ~ without fee.
When you charge money and you beg for money,
you are revealing that the Father is not involved in your exposé.
Choose rightly, because the Father is about to
shut down the places which profit themselves
at the expense, of the souls of the masses.

And it was said that Truth was not welcome within the palaces of religion.
They chose words to pacify the people; to cause the people
to place more and more money in their offering plates.
The money spent on wayward desires and to pad the pockets
of the religious hierarchy as the people of the city went hungry
and were not privy to hear the Truth.
Change is going to come

Change will come through the true Christians,
those who have the Father’s Heart.
This is my HOPE.

Apart from God, there is no HOPE.
Without God, there is no future.
There is a true Path of Life made available for each one of us.
It is the Father’s Heart and HOPE
that we join Him
on this Path.