Shalom Jerusalem


"For who is God, except the Lord?

And who is a rock, except our God?

It is God who arms me with strength,

And makes my way perfect."

Psalm 18:31-32

Israel, O Israel

You are so far from Me

So far from what I called your forefathers

I have brought so many of you back 

to this land

Some of you knew not why

You only knew that you were drawn to the "homeland"

I have brought you here 

to symbolize My people's hearts

returning to their one true love, their Creator,

their Lord, their Master, their "HOME"

I am drawing your heart back to My Heart

I have for so long wanted to gather you together

beneath My Wings of protection,

but you would not have it

You walked away and declared that your God

was not faithful

but, alas, I have brought you here

and I would speak to you today 

as a Father to His children

"COME HOME!" not just to the "Homeland," 

but come into the "House" and see Me 

waiting with outstretched arms!

We will talk.  We will converse.  

We will start anew - fresh

I call you . . .

Will you come, My children?

David, the King, once reigned here

His heart was after Me

Oh! The JOY he displayed 

when he received My forgiveness

I have that JOY to give to you today,

for you see,

It is all very simple


I came in the form of My Son 

and offered you forgiveness and Life

in exchange for your sins, your failures 

and the cursing of death

You rejected Me then, My Gift, My Son, 

but today I ask you

to reconsider that My Son, Jesus the Christ,

is He, The Messiah

He will come again in Power and Authority,

but today I ask you to embrace Him

Do not reject Him again!

My Son, Jesus the Christ is He, the Messiah


For only in Him is there eternal Life

with your God, Jehovah

I sent My Son so we would not be separated

I sent My Son to bridge the gap

I sent My Son to bring you LIFE

Indeed, will you cry out today,

"Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord"

It is time, My people, to stop your wailing,

to embrace the Son

and experience the JOY 

of new life - new birth --- RESURRECTED LIFE!

Jesus the Christ stands amongst you today

Will you receive Him?

Will you welcome Him?

Will you lay your life down for Him?

As kings and queens have reigned 

over My City - the Holy City,

I have watched and cried for My Kingdom Come!

But alas, it is approaching

as you hear the hoof beats, it is drawing nigh

Accept your King this day!

The babe born in Bethlehem

The man from Nazareth

The one beaten and nailed to the cross

The one who rose from the dead and ascended 

on High to the Father

Accept Him this day and LIVE --- really LIVE!

For life is more than what you eat and drink,

for you are made of spirit and soul

Until the King comes into your heart and soul,

your spirit remains dormant and docile __ dead!

But, I have sent the Comforter, My Holy Spirit,

to reside in you to secure 

the Promise of the coming King

Will you receive Him this day?

Will you ask Him into your heart?

Will you ask for the FIRE of My Holy Spirit 

to fall upon you as was evidenced at Pentecost?

Will you fall prostrate before Yahweh

and allow Him to reign and rule in your life?

Will you bow down 

to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords?

Read Psalm 24 and weep . . .

I will hear your cry

I will be your God, your Fortress, your High Tower

Come . . .