Justice comes in measured steps
It will arrive, though you must wait for it
longsuffering and patience
will be your part
but believe that the God of Justice
will come and make everything

Come along, little children
and learn your part
You read and study
You apply and transcribe
but does your heart know compassion
and mercy?

Centuries old is the tale
of bondage and woe
of many a people caught in slavery
but there is also the tale
of emancipation

Learn to cry out for Justice
Learn to plea for the cause of Truth
Hope for the Reign of Heaven to govern
Walk uprightly with your God
and protect the innocent

The demons
do fight for their right to accuse,

crucify, destroy
but that does not mean that they have to win
You hold within you the Might of Heaven
when you abide in
the Heart of the Almighty God

Bring the evil ones to Justice
Stop their abuses
Thwart their plans
Destroy their pursuits

Justice will come one step at a time
and those who imprison will be the ones captured
and removed
You’ve played your last card
Father God comes and He reigns
from on High
in Pure Justice


He shall
                  bring forth
your righteousness
as the
your justice
as the noonday.
                 PSALM 37:6