“Tell me where’s the shepherd
for this lost lamb . . .

There’s someone I’m longing to see
I hope that they turn out to be
Someone who’ll watch over me

Oh, how I need

Someone to watch over me”

They say that there is 1 chance in 3
that I won’t be allowed to live
I’ve had plenty of time to think about it all
I believe that there is someone who will watch over me
If you will just
give me a chance
Just let me breathe
I’ll try to be good . . .
but no promises

Can you yet see how I long to know love?
I long to be held and cherished
and be told that I am wanted

There isn’t much time left
My home is getting cramped
but I make one final plea
that there would be
Someone to watch over me

Longing to see you,
the unborn