Shalom Jerusalem

"Oh, that salvation of Israel would come out of Zion." Psalm 14:7

"For You have been a strength to the poor.

A strength to the needy in his distress,

A refuge from the storm,

A shade from the heat;

For the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm 

against the wall.

And in this mountain

The Lord of hosts will make for all people

A feast of choice pieces,

A feast of wines on the lees,

Of fat things full of marrow,

Of well-refined wines on the lees.

And He will destroy on this mountain

The surface of the covering cast over

all the people,

And the veil that is spread over all nations.

He will swallow up death forever,

And the Lord God will wipe away 

tears from all faces;

The rebuke of His people

He will take away from all the earth;

For the Lord has spoken.

And it will be said in that day:

'Behold, this is our God;

We have waited for Him, and He

will save us.

This is the Lord;

We have waited for Him;

We will be glad and rejoice 

in His Salvation.'"

Isaiah 25

And where will this HOPE come from?

Will it spring up amongst you, My people?

And why now, after so many years?

There will be Markings of My Return

and this “sign” of HOPE within you 

will be the witness

Falter not

Believing that all is lost;

All is, as it ever will be

Fight to know

Fight to believe

Fight to truly belong to Me

For when I come, I will draw My own

to Myself and we will surely reign

on Mt. Zion

The unbelievers mask their doubt 

with unkept knowledge

They spout their sayings and quotes

but if You are Mine

if You are a true Jew

you will know this HOPE within you

and beckon that I come now

before the nations annihilate the people

I will plant HOPE within My people

Do not hesitate to speak of this HOPE

for in doing so, you have planted seeds

of the New Kingdom ~ My New Jerusalem

HOPE is Mine to give

for I am


"Arise, O God, judge the earth;

For You shall inherit all nations."

Psalm 82


Sabbath 17 Cheshvan 5769


Marking of the Return ~ HOPE