A tale to tell
but it will not be short
A story to perform
but the actors are not ready
You write and you read
You study and you perform
but what happens
if all of this is stopped
in one very short day?

The banks will close
The armies will sweep through the land
The beggars will be the stable ones
and the rich will hide their wealth
but what of the children?

They will be torn from their parents
as a storm rushes through to separate them

You've heard these stories before
You've seen prophesies written time and time again
You've heard threats of this and that
and still there is nothing, nothing tangible
Nothing concrete, nothing that impacts
the whole of society
Is it all a farce?
Is it something God makes up to call people
to Himself from their wayward steps?
Is it an alarmist with a computer who has time to spare?
Is it wise to listen, to heed, to prepare
or is it better to wait until you see with your eyes
a sign of these things?

When God grows weary with mankind,
what does He do?
Does He simply turn His back
and fail to answer pleas?
Does He bring Judgment in a tangible way
to cause people to search for answers?
Does He give dreams to bring people
to an awareness of the plight they've chosen?
What does God do to try to get us
to walk in the right way?

And the Judgments began
as if no prophet predicted them
They began in the late morning
when everyone was ready for a break,
a rest from their work
The Judgments began and they would not cease
People prayed
People lamented and brought sacrifices to the Temple
People fasted and cried aloud
People studied Scripture
and wrote in their journals to try to decipher
what was happening . . .

And the days told the story
The nights were full of dread
The children found refuge with others
not family, not friends, not even acquaintances
The churches closed, most of them, at least
The rich became poor
The wise became teachers
The poor knew exactly what to do

And so you have it
A New Day, but not one of promise
as the politicians promise
but a New Day
A day to seek God while He can be found
but make sure you bring to Him what He asks for
or He will not listen, will not hear, will not answer

Psalm 66
Psalm 107
Psalm 15

We will simply move from one book to another
of prophecies

We will read and study and pray and discern
and then again, we will remember that we could have
listened when God first spoke the words
but we wanted a Sign
We are a generation that asks for Signs,
any kind of Sign, but specifically
a Sign that makes sense to us
such as a "fleece" of sorts,
something we decide will confirm God's words

But those kinds of signs are not what God will offer
The Signs will be absolute and firm
They will convince even the doubters of His Power
and His Conviction

The Signs are coming . . .
They are almost here
and once they begin, they will not stop

Wait for it . . .