Snakes in the pews
The Beast speaks from the pulpit
And you think, you believe
That you are in right relationship with a Holy God
to attend such places

Snakes in the pews
Children abused by leaders
The coverup is secure for no one
will speak up

Snakes in the pews
The filth of the hearts bleeds out
and yet, all seems well
because there is no conviction allowed
No words from the Holy Spirit can enter

Snakes in the pews
The churches are sealed closed
trapping the people in lies
and you call it "family"
You invite your friends to participate
You live in a fantasy called apostasy
and Hell draws near

Snakes in the pews
The Beast speaks from the pulpit
and the only way the Father
can prove your error
is through death

Watch and learn
One by one
Ten by ten
One hundred by one hundred
until the sleeping church awakes
and casts out Satan

It didn't have to be this way
The Father sent prophets to call you to repentance
You slayed them in many different forms

Today you reap what you have sown
And the question is:
will anyone survive?

"Barely a few
And the stench will be great
The sins will all be revealed
The fate of the little ones
has already been determined
by the atrocities of those who lead

You will now pay with your lives
for your grievances against the Kingdom
and the King
Open your doors wide
There won't be room for all to run out
once this Judgement begins
and the world will fully know
that I have begun to judge My own

You cannot stop Me with appeasement
You cannot call back the Judgement
as if it was in error
You cannot live even one more day
believing that you will survive

I will take your peace,
all security,
your health,
your fortune
and lay out your sins before you

Who will survive?
Only those who fully and completely repent,
making absolute amends

Today is the day
Reality of the Cross sets in
And what we will have,
what the world will see,
is a cleansing of My House
as never before

Death will reign in the churches
Until I do

Unto you, pastors and leaders is due
the Judgement of your own sins
and of all who follow you
Some of you will actually burn alive
as your followers watch on and fear
but you were all warned
You simply would not heed
It was more comfortable for you
to speak lies
and lead the people into following you
instead of teaching them to love
and follow Me


Try to escape your sentence
There is only one way
All ways lead to death
Physical death or death by the Cross

Death will now dominate
every church,
every fellowship,
every place who calls upon My Name
Until I have My Pure White Bride"

Jeremiah 15