When the prophet comes, what do you say?
When the prophet speaks words from the Father, what do you do?
When the prophet speaks, is there fear or reproach?

When will you listen?
I know it will not be soon for God has spoken of your hard hearts
your calloused ways, your rebellion, deceit, jealousy, hatred
and yet, I am told to write again and again
Because a prophet writes / speaks until the land goes to destruction
Read the Scriptures
There is job security for the one who will speak Truth for there are so few

If you had heeded, how would your lives be different?
If you had listened to the words from the prophet that God spoke
how would your lives be this day?
But that is for another tale, another season, another lifetime
when you have ears to hear, eyes to see
and a mouth to proclaim only the Truth

Fear is coming that will take you by surprise
It will be FEAR that all the words you have heard
from the prophet are true
and God is bringing them about swiftly
right in front of your face
and you cannot even begin to repent
Because you have so hardened your hearts, minds, souls
to Truth that you cannot adequately respond
NOT in time to save your own soul

So, is that the end of the story?
Will there be no redemption?
Will there only be Hell to pay for your abominations
or will God show mercy at this last minute
to allow you entrance
into His Heart, His Kingdom,
His Safety, His Hope, His Love?

Plead for mercy, but be prepared
to make amends for your hatred
of the Truth and the Truth-speaker
Be prepared to pay the exact price
which the Father speaks to you
Be ready to bow and submit
to God's perfect word to you

For you see, what you have lost, you cannot regain
The lives which have been taken or hardened to Truth
due to your arrogance and swank will not be resurrected
The hope which you have that everything will now be as it should be
if you simply repent is but a fairy tale

The Father will tell you what to do if you truly repent
You will be saved if you truly repent
but know this, the rest of your days, you will serve to make amends
and to pay for your ignorance, rebellion, unfaithfulness
so this last generation will not follow in your footsteps

You will teach and teach and teach TRUTH
and be despised as you despised the Truth-speaker
and one day very shortly you will know that it had to be this way
even though you were given chance upon chance upon chance to repent
because you were never transformed
You were not re-born
You were not made new
You were not truly changed
You were simply religious
Not born of Zion