The cross comes
but it is not something you want to embrace
It comes to the church as a whole
and each individual
It comes to make a mark
but more to put to death
It comes at a time in history
when those most outspoken
have the most to cover up, hide, conceal

You see a cross in the distance
and it offers no threat
For surely Jesus the Christ
died for your sins
It's a symbol from history
It's a decoration or jewelry
but least of all
is it threatening

. . . unless you are one of the many
who have missed, ignored
the Truth of the Gospel Message
that you must repent

How many times
and in how many different ways
does the Father have to impress
this concept on you?

It all becomes rhetoric
after awhile
and you are left singing your hymns,
attending church, leading Bible studies,
and it's a sham!

Your life is not pure or Holy,
redeemed, transparent, cleansed,
sanctified, nor will you take the means
to do so

So, the cross comes . . .
It approaches and you will actually see it
It will be in your dreams and consume your life
It will take a measure of your heart,
your repentance and crucify all that remains


Because you won't listen
You will not heed
You do not believe that the Message
is for you

But it comes this day
Until there is absolutely
nothing left but your cry,
"Abba Father!"

Ezekiel 12-15