I looked through the darkened window
and saw a man kneeling
and heard a faint weeping

Why is this man so sad, so forlorn?
He weeps without stopping
He begs in prayer
But solace does not come

Will the Father listen?
Will He hear this man's prayers?
Is this what the Father desired,
a man on his knees

What is the essence of this man's cry?
Is he begging for a reprieve from punishment?
Is he pleading for his own life?
Does he just now see the fate he has drawn?
Why does it take so long for mortal man
to realize the effect of their sin
on eternity?

And yet, this man heard of Jesus
He sang songs about Jesus
He spoke of Jesus as Savior, Deliverer
then why the anguish
the terror on this man's face?

I know that I can only see through a darkened glass
I know that I cannot hear this man's pleas
I know that I am not privy to know
this man's heart, but why is the Father not responding?
What would keep this man from being forgiven,
from consolation, from help?

The night turns to day and again night
I stand and watch
The scene does not change
is not altered

Death comes as a dark figure
and takes this man
His plea was not heard
His prayers not answered
His face lies in anguish
and there is only silence that remains

There is more to repentance
than begging and pleading
There is more to repentance
than words of regret
There is much more to repentance
than the reciting of Scripture
filled with grace

There is more . . .
Ask the Father to show you
make it plain to you
the fullness of repentance
that He requires of you
before it is too late

"Ezekiel 17
Read and weep
for I have set forth My Plan
to remove those who have despised
My instruction
who have walked in rebellion
and yet, speak My Name

I have set forth decrees
to remove these who have spurned
My words through My prophets
and crucified them

I have aligned Myself against
the liars, beggars, hypocrites, accusers
and this day you will see them
in anguish
crying for their Maker
to show them mercy
but there will be no mercy
for they showed none
to My own

Speak of your own goodness
Cry out loud
Summon others to plead for you
Beg on your knees
but what you don't understand
is that I know that you will not change
with forgiveness from on High
You will continue to hold fast to your money
You will ignore the weak, the helpless, the poor
You will continue to smite My true people
You will keep complaining about the Truth speakers
You will lie, deceive, slander My own
so when you cry and beg and plead for mercy
I refuse
I know your heart, hardened one
I have given you grace upon grace upon grace
and you simply return to your ways,
despising My instruction
and we have no more to speak of

Be gone!

The gates of Hell open for you

and you will know your fate

while still occupying this earth

and the terror of it will seize you daily

until that last day

when you realize that I will not listen

to your pleas

because you never listened to Mine

for your heart to change,

for you to repent,

for you to know Me as Lord and Master,

for True and Eternal Salvation."