There is a thief in the closet
You cannot see him
But he is there
Lurking, planning what to steal next
You sit idly by
believing that you are safe
But that is not the case

You follow the stock market
You plan and decide
You stand in long lines
To improve your stakes
But still, you are only mortal
and God determines your lot

In one day, the value of the money
Will drop
Will fade away
Will make widows and orphans
For all know that this world
And its people depend on money
To survive

Who has the answer?
Who can bid for knowledge?
To whom does the God of the Heavens
appoint to govern?
Are they the ones you see in office
Or is there a secret order
Of faithful frontiersmen
who set decrees in motion
For life or death
For wealth or poverty
For calamity or safety?

Who truly rules
and how do they move Heaven and earth
at their command?

There once was a wise Judge
Who set himself over all the land
He was a Righteous Judge
And there was no evil in him
Nor could evil approach him
He wearied himself with proclamations
that the people would not follow
He appointed heirs
that did not carry His Heart of compassion
He worried over the land and the people
Until He set forth a series of tests
To determine the hearts of the people
These tests were given
Were administered without
the people's knowledge
And the former heirs
were demoted, dismissed
and escorted off the land

New heirs were appointed in secret
And the story began anew
Those who truly followed the decrees
were appointed to rule
And the land prospered

"Bring me your 'goats,' the liars, the thieves,
the betrayers and I will make them a spectacle,"
the Judge shouted

And this is the story
of a once great land,
reduced to destruction and poverty,
but also brought back to fruition
through the Judicial Acts
of a Sovereign Judge

So be it
The Judge arises
He takes His place
And your lives will never be the same
"Earthquake" upon "Earthquake"
Death upon death
Loss and more loss
Until the tests are completed
And a new order arises
To rule, to judge, to bless, to curse

And in that day
Those who have been faithful
Those who carry the Heart of the Father
Those who have been tried and tested
Will stand before the people
As pure gold
And bring forth the very Will of the Father
in great Power and Might
by the Spirit of God