Laid out in rest
People want to believe he did his best

Silent and still
Can you remember his voice?
He lays to rest
But rest will not come

He preached the years away
with a Bible in hand and a story to tell
He emphasized the parts he liked
and overlooked the ones which convict

A sorry sight he was in his last days
for somehow he knew
that he had fed people lies
Not many grew old in his congregation
They were taken before their time,
even small children before they could walk

But today he lies still
He knows the Truth now
But it will not save the souls
not even his own

"He did the best he could,"
they said at his eulogy
But is that really true?
Were they privy to the many times
he was told the Truth and rejected it?

He'd rather be popular
He'd rather appear kind
He wanted people to know he had a big heart
He wanted them to know they were loved

The fact is they were loved by the Father
They were the object of the Father's Gifts
But the Truth was not spoken
The Word of God misinterpreted
to make everyone happy
And their souls left barren, lost, condemned

Do not depend on the shepherd for Truth
Do not neglect your own soul to join with others
Do not reject the call of the Father
to know Him
to abide in Him
to be taught by Him
to be obedient to Him

For you see
This day the preacher is quiet
No more words will he speak
And his soul will experience eternal damnation
for he rejected the Truth of the Gospel

Peace and quiet
Songs are sung
Only good, kind words
will be spoken about this man
who led hundreds into Hell

"He was a good man,"
they spoke and that was the truth
But he failed in what was most important
But no one will speak those words
for they have been trained
to only speak good

Sad affair
Hopeless from start to finish

2 Peter 2
Isaiah 10