He is a liar from birth
Born into a family of prominence
He fell into his role quite naturally

One day a "Christian"
The next an apostate
He still appears to be the Christian giant
The source of wisdom, assurance, hope for the future

He loves to use his clout
He spouts verses, but doesn't live by them

Why does any of this matter?
We are all used to hypocrites
and to hear of a new one does not turn our head
but I promise you, this one will

Settle down for a long winter's nap
for you see
God will not let this issue rest

What will his family believe
once the news breaks?
And yet, many within the family
have already been exposed, defamed, rebuked

Let the stones fall
Let the critics rise
but remember, we are all saved by grace
and yet, grace does not allow leaders
to mislead, steal from, deceive, to abuse

God will have His Way
Judgment will fall
and the mind which was once so very sharp
will bear the brunt of his sins
Day and night there will be no relief
for he covered his sins with lies
Lies and more lies, will they ever end?
There is no repentance
Proof solid that this man does not belong to God
Now, the world will know

The ax falls to topple this tree
A mighty sound will be heard in the land
Some will weep
Others will seek to comfort, disavow the news
but God will make this "sign" fool proof
and all will know God's Heart toward
this traitor