A trumpeter came into the palace one day
ready to call the city to revery
He was dressed head to toe in the finest of threads
He was a marksman which meant that he was
always prepared to lead

The King took one look at him and realized
that this trumpeter was out of place
He had stepped away from his regimen
because he thought he had special orders
The King took the time to counsel with him
and sent him back to join the others

Unhappy with this dismissal,
he complained that the King was not truly
acting as a king should
and had failed to see his obvious gifting

The King called the trumpeter to his chambers
and spoke in private to him
This was not simply a case of mistaken error,
the trumpeter had spoken disrespectfully of the King

The fancy clothes were removed from the trumpeter
and his trumpet assigned to someone
who could follow orders
and would not speak disrespectfully

All who are called are not fully chosen
All who dress the part will not receive their wages
All who are disrespectful of the King and His spokesman
will receive due dishonor
All who pretend that they are close to the King,
but are not will be exposed

For you see, Revival does not come in a day
Revival does not come to simply two who have gathered
and feel special
Revival is a mark and a time
It is God ordained and shall not be missed
by those called and chosen
It does not originate within man
And it cannot be truly stopped by man

But Revival will not come to this nation
until the disasters strike
The hearts are not ready
The hearts will not receive until they have lost
practically everything else
Revival is set within the Father
and will be released at His bidding

Do not follow those who profess to
see this or that
hear this or that
feel this or that
For all that is broken
cries out to be heard and esteemed
And we who are True Heirs
know that all Glory belongs to the King

Put away your trumpet
Put away your stylish pen
Garnish Truth in your soul
until God speaks of you
He is the One who bestows Honor
He is the One who gives words to His prophets
He is the One who rewards those Faithful and True

The sword has already been removed
Now, the trumpet

Isaiah 41