Flight 7:7:7


They say that the young eagle
Never looked back
She took flight one sunny day in May
And never once glanced back
To see what had become
Of her training ground

It had been years and years
Of being trained, guided, honed
And you would think she would carry it
in her soul
But once she took flight 
On that last day
It was as if her soul was made new
For the Journey

She had fought to learn
As quickly as she could
The ways of the Master
It was a strenuous course
Requiring every bit of her strength

Often times she would stop
And quiet herself
Cease from the training
And simply reflect
But in time, she would be urged on
To complete the task she was born for

Will you see this young eagle soar
Upon the Heavens?
Will you know of her Victory
And be aware when she reaches
The new land?

Will you hear stories of her conquest?
Are you prepared for these accounts?

A lone bird against the prey
But remember, always remember
She has been personally trained
And groomed by the Best

As the disasters come
Her fame will arise
As if from the ashes

As the ground shakes and cracks
She will be proven steady, strong

As the evil armies alight across the globe
She will hold more Power
Than man has known

As the days come to an end
She will be called Faithful and True
And given her Reward

Do not look for her
For what you expect to see
Is not as it is
Hidden and scorned for years
Have taken its toll
But not in a way that brings scorn
No, this time with the Master alone
Has brought forth only
That for which humanity cannot fathom
and often cannot endure

Take to the streets, if you must
Gather your pennies any way you can
Darkness comes and it will last
Until the last light flickers
Take hold of your loved ones
They are only yours temporarily

For you see, these last days
Are upon us
And we must all submit to the training
That the young eagle endured
If we want to live

We chastised her when she left 
Our groups, fellowships
Saying that she heard
One clear Voice
instructing her

We hated her determination
to speak the Truth
Heck, we hated the Truth
For it revealed our hypocrisy,
our sin, our apathy and loathing

We spoke against her to others
To make sure they would not 
Believe the Truth she spoke

We kept her at a distance
And shunned her
To try to stop her

But she only gained strength,
The kind the Master imparts
To His Beloved

And now she soars high above us
Out of our reach
Unhindered by our lies and hatred
Completely one with God

And we have not strength or courage
To even watch her in flight
Our days will be spent just trying
To survive

But we should never forget
The lesson of her love
She sacrificed to set us free
Why else would she continue
to speak the Truth
As we destroyed her
Over and over and over again?

She laid down her life
For she felt us worthy of her love
She offered herself up
As a gift to God
Because He set the tone 
For this kind of love
He loved us first in this same way

And yet, we couldn't respond
We wouldn't respond
The lies we lived by held us captive
And we would not be free

Now we pay
For this rebellion,
this independence from God,
from Truth
We pay daily in painful, searing ways
And we all know that the Truth
Was planted within each of us
It was daily by her words, by her prayers

And she is no longer here
To protect us from ourselves,
Our wanton hearts, our grievous desires

She soars alone
For none would join her
And she is free
Oh yes, she is perfectly free

Will she hear our cries for help?
Will she turn back 
And glance our way?
Will she remember the love 
The Father placed within her
For us?
Will she help us?

The Father will no longer allow it
She has a new work to do
A powerful work
Where the distractions of this world, 
The haters and liars
Cannot --- will not be allowed 
To interfere

Her training is done
And the Promise from the Father
For these last days is


She has recorded the Journey well
She has written every word
She has prayed every prayer
She has decreed every decree
She has loved the Father
Unto sacrifice of all she loved
She has finished the race

She has been made ready
For the Victory
She is clothed in Righteousness
Held in Honor
Crucified by the best
Anxious for every GOOD
And PERFECT work

Fully at Peace
Resting in the Father
Able and willing to wield the Sword
That must stop the oppressor
And return Rule to the Master