You repeated the words over and over again
to insure that they had the full effect of your wrath
"You'll never escape your family's past or their sins"

The young lady then asked you,
"What do you mean? What sins are you talking about?"

You didn't even know
You were bluffing and condemning
and making sure that this young lady
would never confront you about your sins

Serious grievances committed by a young pastor
but he got away with it
The young lady left the church
She no longer felt welcome
after the pastors spread rumors about her
and her family

And now, in the grips of torment,
this young pastor wonders why his children
are struck repeatedly with illness,
disabilities, unexplained seizures

Were the words true?
Is it impossible to escape the sins of your family?
This is the struggle your children will now have
the rest of their lives
for your past and your sins, young father

When you are put into the position
of representing God
His Truth
His Love
His Compassion
His Grace
and you abuse that position
by abusing others
it returns to your head
and the lives of everyone you care for

This is just one lesson
in the tender mercies of Justice

Pray for this young man
and for his family if you wish,
but know that God has a work to perform
to bring this man and his family and supporters
to repentance before wholeness
is a gift from the Father
fully deserved

Are you in a position where you represent God to others?
Watch your words and your actions,
because I promise you,
they will return to bless or to curse.