There is a place for Justice
once mercy has run its full course

There is a place, a territory reserved
for the True Heir to call for God
to perform Righteous acts

Should it be a foreign thing
for us to Reign in Righteousness
called upon by the Father
to rule and govern the land?

We hold no political office
have no degree in political science
have not been educated in laws
have no formal title
no claim to entitlement
but simply and fully
taking position in God's Might
through His Wisdom
with the Heart of the King
calling forth decrees of Justice

The writing of Judgments
may be finished
the signature of God upon each one
but daily, hourly, minute by minute
the calling forth of God's Justice
over the land and the people
is the work of a True Heir

Should you fear this Justice?
Should you take account
of your sins against God,
against others, against Truth?
Should you make right
what you have done wrong?
Should you repent?

Justice, pure Justice comes!
"It is Time!"
the Father declares