Does your church operate under Jezebel's rule?
Ask God to cause you to SEE
the evil forces that bind
your home, church, country
before DEATH rules to teach

True Story

She rose through the ranks and took over
She has a serpent's tongue
but only discloses her evil to those
too cowardly to confront

The days have passed
since the decrees have been spoken
Time has elapsed
and still the people follow her,
obey her, esteem her, bow down to her
Will this ever stop?
Will the madness of this apostasy,
hypocrisy ever end?
It seems as though it will not

Deaths continue in the church
and still she smiles
and speaks words of encouragement
words of praise
words of comfort
while she schemes and curses
and decrees death in secret

Will the would-be King take on his full position
and stop the Queen's evil?
Not now
Not ever
He figures that he will lose too much if he does
He lets the innocent be ushered to their grave
so that he can still have all that his heart desires

Were there any praying for resolution to this whole affair?
Has God been absent to let man decide their own fate?
Has this one church, a very small kingdom
escaped the watchful eye of Justice?

I pray not!

You say that it is just a book, just a story
but it is more than that, much more . . .

People's lives hang in the balance
Life or death?
It depends on if you
upset the Queen or appease her

And friends, history is told by those who are given
a keen eye by God and a discerning soul
to know the happenings
within the hearts of mortal man
but the problem is that man
will not listen to these prophets
until they see proof

It's unfortunate that the proof is often death
and there will be no resurrection
Couldn't man learn to heed the signs
before death began?
He could, but it is unlikely that he will

Death comes and it is the last sign
but God in His Mercy
provided so many signs before it
If you would only SEE

Sorrow holds no boundaries
as the deaths begin
and yet, words were given
prayers were prayed
counsel was complete
but the mind of man is stubborn
The mind of man is bent on doing as he will
acquiring what he wants
deciding his own future

There is seen no difference
in these times
between those who pledge allegiance to God
and those who choose their own route

If you say that you are Christian
but you go your own way,
choose your own future,
disregard the Word of God
and His words through His prophets
you are not His

It is simple from beginning to end
It does not matter if you have studied
in the finest seminaries
or acquired accolades
from Christians of these times

God knows the heart
He knows your willingness to obey
He knows your rebellion
to his Words and Ways
He knows
You cannot fool Him or His prophets

When the deaths come to your inner circle
and you gather to pray
to this God you profane
by your actions
Do not be surprised
if there is no answer from on High
Do not be alarmed
if He does not comfort and console
Do not shake your head
in disbelief at the Judgment
placed on your shoulders
and those of your church

You bought your ticket to this Hell
with every act of disobedience
every word against God and His prophets
every time you ignored conviction by His Spirit
every time you despised His counsel

You are on this "train" by your own choice

but surely you must now know that only one thing

will stop this "train of death"

and that is sure and complete and perfect