When will the man child come forth
and what will be his name?
Surely the mother will carry him
to full term
Surely, but not for certain in these times

A pauper asks for bread and there is none
A child begs for a cup of clean water and none is offered
A military person begs for peace
but peace will not come
Not in these times
Not this day

The Message of the Cross
is diluted so all will accept it
The choir sings songs
which misdirect the soul
so as to excite the people
The men carry coffins
for the disasters have begun
and will not end

The mother rocks her child
but knows that there will be
no more children
Not in these times
No longer

The Father calls forth
the man child forward,
but he cannot advance
He is forbidden to advance
There is not provision
for him to be birthed

And yet the churches
are filled every Sunday
almost every pew
The rich bring their tokens
and the poor everything they have
There are programs and bulletins
and pastors on holiday
and a pastor for this
and a pastor for that
but these churches
will not birth the man child
The man child
will not come from a whore

Where is the Father
and if He calls forth the birth
of the man child
must He also provide for this child?

But how?
The Message is watered down
to make the crowds happy
and yet, the True ones, the mother
who carries the man child
is left destitute

End of the story?
I pray not, but even a prophet
grows weary of praying
and calling forth
when there is no longer