Which of you will listen to this
or pay close attention in time to come?
Who handed Jacob over to become loot,
and Israel to the plunderers?
Was it not the Lord,
against whom we have sinned?
For they would not follow His ways;
they did not obey His law.
So He poured out on them His burning anger,
the violence of war.
It enveloped them in flames,
yet they did not understand;
it consumed them,
but they did not take it to heart.
-Isaiah 42

We are at a crossroads in this country,
in our churches, even in our homes
and we can't figure out why God would allow
so much evil to permeate our lives

We gather together and pray with might
We sacrifice our time and energy to meet with others
We speak of God and His Mighty Acts
We even try not to complain


Our prayers are not answered
We are still overcome by evil
Sickness overwhelms so many of us
Death is at our doorstep


We wait for God to answer
We wait for His Righteous Answer
We wait for His Acts of Justice
We wait and hope for Deliverance


There has been NO repentance