My people will triumph
and inherit the land
as the blood is poured out
“Come and see,” the people will say,
but no one will be able
to look at the destruction
without their hearts breaking
I have pleaded with the people
and I have brought My cause before them,
but they spit in My Face
and deemed Me unworthy to instruct them
Woe to you, nation of harlots
Woe to you, harlot church

I would have brought you close
and hidden you beneath My wings
I would have taught you
as I teach a son whom I love
but you spurned Me

Now, Justice comes
and with it, the proclamation
that I do repay evil for evil
and I do uphold and honor those
who defend My Name,
My Righteousness and My Honor

Arise, servants of the Most High God
for you have been sleeping in the boat
The wind has picked up and the Storm is upon us
Now is the time to stand
STAND in My Righteousness or be swept over
Now is the time to prove your allegiance
for the armies will march in due time
and all will be treated the same

Isaiah 5

If you see a bird on the horizon
and its wings are red
you will know that the Righteous have won,
the Righteous have stood firm,
the Righteous have upheld My Honor

If the bird withers and fades from view
If it bows its neck to eat of the seed
and yet, there is no seed
you will know that drought has come upon the land
and the birds and people alike will suffer and die
for the sins of the wicked

Look up to the Heavens
There is little time left
There is much to be done
There are so few to do it
Few who follow My Word,
few who obey My Voice,
few who lay their lives down to do the work
of the Righteous

Come, Storm and bury the land
Come and sweep this nation under
For you see, the peasant and the pastor
both plunder in secret
and there are no truly Righteous
to protect the land and its people
from what is due

Bow, people
You will pay for your sins
You will pay and reap the harvest you planted
I have no more patience
Many extra years I granted you ---
but no more
not one more day
not one . . .


“But the Lord Almighty will be exalted by His Justice and the Holy God will be proved Holy by His Righteous Acts.”
Isaiah 5:16"