Piece of Fabric


A piece of fabric I held in my hand this day

and I looked closely to see how it was woven

how intricate the design

how lovely the piece

We are like a piece of fabric in the hands of the Master

He looks closely to see how we are woven

what holds us together, what causes frays

He knows what our design should be

He knows how lovely we are meant to be

but He also knows that only He can design
and make us to be all that we can be

I write many stories which God gives me

I don't know the end from the beginning

and I am just as surprised as the reader

I listen closely, question sometimes, hesitate

if I don't understand where exactly God is going

but I write until He stops whispering

It's an interesting arrangement

It's a time of knowing HIs Presence, His nearness,

His thoughts, His desires

and yet, it is still only a fraction of who He is

but I'll take it

For you see, I want to know Him

I want to know how He feels

what He thinks about

how He Loves

His Passion
His Hopes
His causes for tears

I know HIm through the stories He writes

I know HIm through His decrees He sets forth

I know Him through His Touch upon me

and I know Him simply in the silence of His stance

You may not want to know God this intimately

You may choose like the Israelites to disdain His Voice

You may rather learn about God through teachers, pastors, etc.

You may never really desire what God desires

but, in doing so, you have essentially rejected
the Holy One of Israel

You have chosen to be sewn together by someone who

didn't design you and doesn't know the Plan

You have chosen piecemeal instead of a Banquet

You have chosen counterfeit instead of Real

You have chosen a different spring

than the One who offers Eternal Life

Just saying . . .

He offers so much more

He offers all of Himself

the full intimacy with the Maker of the Universe

and the Maker of you

He has given everything to bring you in

to His Holy of Holies

Don't sit on the outside crying your sad story

and complaining that you lack this or that

Don't sit on the outside reveling in your debauchery, either

for this God who gave everything to have an intimate relationship

with you is also Judge of all

for all who refuse

Time passes quickly these days

for many people work two or three jobs

They work to make ends meet

They work to achieve, to grow, to eat,

to live where they live

They work because money isn't just handed to you

Knowing God is work, too

You must humble yourself
repent of your sins

submit to His Authority
acknowledge His Lordship

study His Word
listen to His Voice

walk in His Ways

obey His statutes
love when its hard

but His Presence is a Treasure

that is worth all that we have

all that we are or ever hope to be

He is the Treasure