An alliance of two and many, many, many others
have taken this nation by storm
to promote, to propagate, to institutionalize, to immunize
the entire population
into their beliefs
but their beliefs don't prove trustworthy

We come to an end of an era
where the religious right can formulate
good judgment producing ethical, Righteous, truthful

This is not entirely new
and has been growing in disease
for some time
but those who attempt to disclose the disease
are silenced or ignored

Now, we have the battle of essentially two
who are in many ways on the same side
same polarity, same unethical stance
identical deception
with the same agenda
the destruction of the United States
as their gain

Can this be stopped?
Perhaps, but it won't be
Time is too short
for the men and women of this country
to find God as He is
bow to His Sovereignty
ask for His cleansing Blood
believe in His Transformation
and begin to operate under the Spirit
of the Living and Holy God

There is no Righteous clause
There is no Salvation at the end of this story
The United States will fully receive its due

Scandal upon scandal is revealed
and yet, in our hearts
we knew who these people were
There is no surprise
There is no reason for alarm

You have been brought to this destiny
by your sins
your lack of integrity
your greed
your deception
your pension for lewdness, pornography
your fight to kill children in their womb
your compromised values
your opinionated garbage
your hatred against God

The U.S. is a sinking ship
and there will be no Coast Guard
to salvage the lost

This is the END . . . JEREMIAH 16

"’I have withdrawn My blessing, My love and My pity from this people,' declares the Lord."