The prophet lies face down in the dust
for the words spoken / written have been proven wrong

Have they been proven wrong or
have they just not happened yet?

Time passes, more words are written,
prophecies declared and there is absolutely no proof

But there need not be
Not to continue to work
To listen, to write, to obey
To press on
To stand on the Watchtower
because time is in God's Hands
and so are all the words
They are His to fulfill
His to complete
His to prove
His to place His Signature upon

The prophet rises as the sun sets
and another word comes from the Heart of the Father,
and another and another . . .

"False prophet!" the people cry out
"Stone them!"
"Stop them from speaking, writing!"
"Make them leave!"
"We have heard enough!"

And at the right time
the time ordained by God
the words are proven true and right
and the Hand of God
acts according to the words

The people ask for SIGNS
to know with certainty that the words are true
but in the act of requiring SIGNS
does the proof come
but not as was asked

There is a game called "Capture the Flag"
where one team attempts to capture the flag
of an opponent
When the flag is captured, the game ends

And so the words through the prophet
When the words are proven true
There will be no more activity
The sides have already been drawn
There are those who believe
and those who do not

The SIGNS do not come to convince
the non-believers, for it will be too late at that point
The SIGNS come to fulfill the words
and prove the Author

The SIGNS are coming
and the riddles will give you a clue
for you to decide this day
which side you are on

and then it will be too late to choose sides

Study the riddles
Study to show yourself approved unto Salvation
Study, be equipped by the Holy Spirit
for only through Him will you know Truth