"When the money doesn't come to pay the bills. When sickness takes its toll. When the storm is raging and I appear to be asleep in the boat-- what does My Bride do? She remembers My blessings and praises Me while she waits, for you see, the object of her delight is not to obtain something from Me, but to always Honor Me, defend My Name and My character and to love Me as I choose to love her.

You will find many a 'harlot' in the streets begging and nagging, reminding Me of their needs, their concerns, their wants, their lack. They will hound Me until they get what they want, but in the process they have revealed their motives, what their true heart desires. It is not Me.

So I cause the people to wait to test their hearts. Do they love Me and want Me above all else or does their list of wants come first?

In these days, the people will wait and wait beyond what they are able, for you see, in this process they are refined and sanctified or become bitter and hateful toward Me.

It is a difficult task to purify, but it must be done. The dross must be removed to allow My people to truly shine.

How long will it take? Keep your eyes on Me and your heart fully embraced by Mine and the dross will simply fall away.

Worship, praise of Me releases your burdens so that you encounter Me while you wait. I am not a hard task master. I am not insensitive to your needs. I am forever bound and determined to show you, prove to you My Love. What is it you desire today? Is it more important than our relationship? If it is, you have sold your soul to that degree and we are divided / not one.

Safeguard your heart and soul this day. Come away with Me until you know that all that you need is Me. Once I am King, I am the total focus of your heart and soul, then My Blessings will flow like a river as long as you keep your heart set on Me.

The Bride belongs to the Bridegroom.

Place your needs, desires, wants at My Feet and come and worship Me. I will BE all that you need and much, much MORE. Don't focus on your needs, or even the needs of others or the gifts I give you - only focus on Me --- all else is adultery / idolatry.

Isaiah 1"