Righteousness comes in as a storm
but will it last?
What will cause the evil to leave,
to loosen its hold, to vacate?
Does the Power come from above
to break free, to cancel all hold of evil?
Does God bring Justice
despite the earthly powers that reign?

Will a small child know the character of God
from observing His Righteous Acts
or is it only for the wise to discern?

Does God step into human history
to release Judgment
even though the churches teach
of widespread and abundant grace?

Who does God answer to?
Does He answer the pleas of the religious
to bring more into their earthen palaces
of heathen desires?
Does He pad the pockets
of those who teach apostasy?

When will true Justice and Righteousness
Rule / Reign / Govern?


I decree that the Lord Jesus Christ, the God of the Heavens
will take His Rightful place as Ruler, Governor, Lord, King
of this earth and measure out Justice, the good and the bad,
Blessing and Cursing, so that all will know all comes from His Hand
and that He is Lord over all, on earth, below and upon the Heavens.

Grant us this day, Father God, to see Your Hand move across this earth in Perfect Justice to bring forth Your Rule.

I decree that the Righteous judges would now arise and be commissioned as in Isaiah 11 with pure Wisdom, Peace from above, and Power to call forth God's Perfect Will across this earth.

Shake this earth until all we know is the Rule of the Righteous King.
Deliver up the abuser, accuser, liar, thief, immoral, hypocrite unto their fate
for all to see Hell rest upon them as it will be throughout eternity.

Rest on the weary
Call out the faithful
Strengthen the weak
Fulfill Your Promises
Govern us in all Righteousness
that we may be sons and daughters
of the King
Pleasing to You in all ways

Undo the rule and tyranny of mortal man
Teach them that they are only mortal
Remove the strength and power of the tyrants
Expose all abusers, hypocrites, liars, thieves
Bring the full bounty into the hands of those who are faithful to obey
Break the hold of evil that belays us
Set us free unto You

Revelation 22