Sacrificial Love


When the truth is told there won't be a sad eye

When the truth is told from the beginning the people will rejoice

not because there was not sadness

No, there is a greater story beyond the tragedy you see

A young mother gives her life for her child

What causes such a sacrifice?

Love, but not the kind they speak of these days

This Love was born in the Heart of a Carpenter long ago

The children will grow

and they will know their momma

as most children never have a chance

Tell them the story over and over

Tell of her joy, her laughter, her peace

her dreams for them

Tell them as you hold them tightly

For you see, they will live every day of their lives

knowing such a wild, joyous, abandoned Love

and it will shape them and mold them beautifully

A traveler, a young journey-woman, a cowgirl,

a daughter, mother, friend, sister

She lived and she loved and she held on

for every day she could share life with all of you

And yet, there is JOY calling her

There is a NEW ABODE just outside of our reach


and all her days will be a SONG she sings

of her LOVE for those she left

Just a few days it will seem to her

Just a short time before

she will be with you again

She won't have to wander and look for you

She won't have to wake with blurred vision

She will see you and be with you

in great LIGHT

And they say that the Heavenly City

is more than our minds can imagine,

more than our hearts can hold

She will walk and she will run and

she will hold GLORY as she was always meant to

and on that day of your arrival

you will know why her "mission" took her so soon

She will always live within you,

within your hearts and souls

She will always love you and know of your love

She will never cease to pray, to intercede, to lovingly hold you

in her heart

Set her FREE, you will

The Father's Arms come to hold her tightly

but not in restraint

He comes to LIFT her beyond the veil


she has never known

So, for this little while you will be apart

She braved the unknown

She fought the fight

She saved a life

by laying down her own

JOY will remain

PEACE will overwhelm

You will KNOW that ALL IS WELL

and she has ARRIVED SAFELY


Little girls looking for Momma and not knowing why she left

but there is a story to tell, a story of her Love that could not hold her here

A Love that awaits them when their "mission" is done

and all the while, JOY remains

A story is just a story, but a life well lived

is something that lives and loves forever

and shapes all of us

and beckons us to be all that we were called to be

by the One who Loves us so sacrificially

Love to you all and especially to Libby, a true hero