The torment does not end
The lies against my soul continue
day after day
The Truth is a lone reed standing firm
But those who speak it
face the Liar, himself
and the battle is fierce

The Liar appears to win every cause
He speaks in whispers behind closed doors
But also in the public square
Defaming the Truth speaker
and the Truth

Most people of this day believe the Liar
For he owns their soul
and they are familiar
with his voice, his ways, his lies

The Cross does not hold mercy
and neither does the Liar
Their job is a relentless one
STOP the Truth speaker
STOP the Truth

And the masses cater to the lies
For in the lies are the wealth and fame of this world
In the lies are comfort and peace
In the lies they find security and friendship

Speaking the Truth in this world
is a slow, painful, excruciating death
But so was the death of Truth, Himself

Oh, for the Resurrection!

If the people do not receive the Truth,
why do I still speak it?
If the people will not listen,
why instruct?
If the people choose not to see,
why pray?
If there is no hope of winning against the Liar,
why continue?

Be still my soul
Your Hope is in God, alone
As He birthed Truth within your soul
He will carry out His Plan
The faithful remain faithful through death

Psalm 50