Snakes in the grass
you cannot always see
They peer out to trap you
They slither beneath your feet
to trip you
They are not all-consuming at first
so you don't notice their touch
but in the days to come
these snakes will take more from you
than you have to give

So, how do we prevent them
from their evil purpose
to kill, maim and destroy?

How do we fight the good fight
when we don't actually see evil
but the presence is there in our midst?

How do we protect ourselves
from the plans and purposes of Satan
to draw us in, trap us, taint us
and turn us against Truth?

How do we propose to fight this battle
when so many before us have succumb?
Look around you, the churches are full
People follow false prophets, apostles, teachers
and all signs point to their good

God promises sight to the blind
hearing to the deaf
discernment to those asking
pure hearts to the redeemed
He promises guidance to His followers.
peace to the surrendered
victory to the steadfast
He promises that He will be with us
He will surround us
He will be our guard

Then why are we so confused, lost,
anxious, defeated and unprotected?

And in that day,
the True soldiers of our Lord
girded themselves with Truth
Truth from the Word of God
and fought as warrior poets
the evil in the land
They exposed the snakes
cutting off their heads
to reveal the creature beneath

Unto the Lord Jesus Christ belongs
our allegiance, our devotion, our longing
Unto Him is all Glory due now and forevermore

We stand before the Court of God
and ask You, Father for forgiveness for our sin
We ask You to cleanse us of all unrighteousness
to cleanse us of all that grieves Your Holy Spirit
Grant to us this day discernment concerning
those who say that they follow You
Show us in pronounced ways the author
of their words, the power behind their acts,
the true core of their being, if it be redeemed,
covered and cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ
or an impostor and inhibitor of Truth
We ask You to reveal to us in our spirits
that which is of You and that which is false
and leads to Hell
Guard us, protect us, cleanse us
by the Blood Covering of the Lord Jesus Christ

The impostors come and the impostors go
They speak words of Truth mixed with reflections
of the mind
They gather in groups or spout all alone
They are sincere in spirit and devoted to their cause
They attempt to convey their message
and call people to Truth
but so many are deceived in their minds and hearts
Their focus is not the Lord Jesus Christ
and His Will, but the way of their own name known

Call us away from these, Father
Show us their error
Reveal the lies which govern them
Give us eyes to see them as You do
Give us ears to hear Your words of Truth
concerning them

We are a lost race
We are a simple people
We go after things which we think will bring success
We go after hope, peace, truth, love
but oftentimes we go toward the ones
who are the loudest and not toward You
You, alone, give direction to our spirits
You speak Life over us daily
You breathe Truth into our earthen vessels
if we will surrender

Grant us this day to know with certainty
the things and people who please You
who walk in Your Way
who are led, guided, empowered by Your Holy Spirit
who divorce unrighteousness and are pure before You
who You trust with Your words
Guard our hearts and minds unto You
and Your Truth, alone

Psalm 118