Is it not the oppressor
who will now be oppressed!
Is it not the captive
who will now rule over the captors?

How will this happen?
Who can turn the hand of fate
and bring Justice?

And they say in the land,
the people cried out for peace,
but peace could not be found
Beggars lined the streets
Trumpets blared to sound the alarm,
but the people were deaf to the sound


Because those who had been entrusted
with the Truth to cause the nation
to prosper and live in peace
were hypocrites, selfish plunderers
They twisted the Truth
to get what they wanted
They twisted the Truth
to gain power and oppress
They twisted the Truth
to enslave

Woe to you
for your death
will be well known and exploited
Your children will be orphans
And your power and prowess
will be proven to be evil

You know who you are

This night the world will begin
to know because your sins
will now return to you
in horrendous ways
to destroy every part of you
which ravaged the Truth and spread lies
Go down to the grave this day
Truth will out!

Isaiah 14