From sea to shining sea
this land will know the Wrath of God
Not through means which will be redemptive
but through the destruction of the least to the most
There is little left saving in a land
where idols persuade you to kill your own
where children are taught hatred of Truth
where young men waste away
and mothers are nowhere to be seen

You can call in the authorities
You can waste your money on security
You can hide your wealth and pray for peace
but you and all that you own will no longer be safe

In a land ridden with marks of apostasy,
loud, coherent cries for murder of the young
You sit in your comfortable houses
and plan your next meal
your next vacation
your retirement
and the country is stolen by a few
to profit the wicked

There is no more time
to decree Truth
to stand on the Watchtower
and claim to see the enemy at a distance
The Enemy is HERE
He is present
He is now
and he will take everything from this country
and its people

You step outside your door
and huddle in the cold breeze
You remember the summer warmth
and believe that the days will return
of sunshine and fun
but seriously, United States,
there will be no return
to the way things have been

You have chosen by your neglect
by your apostasy
by your chosen evil
by your departure from My Ways
by your acquired ignorance
to let go of your inheritance

The troops will come and smother many
The troops will stand outside your door
and call you to come out
while they burn what remains
of your affluent lifestyle
The troops will come
and you will see no mercy
on their faces
because they have been trained
to resist all human pleas
They have been trained
by the worst possible scribe

Tidy up your belongings
All of you are about to go on a journey
that no one would choose
Tidy up your beliefs
and hold them at a distance
because I tell you the Truth,
everything that you have been taught
in the modern day churches
will now be revealed as lies, apostasy, heresy
and you will wonder where is the God you served?
Where is He and why won't He come and help?

And the answer will be in the wind
It will be the smell of smoke
and the stench of death
and still you will not understand
because you have been trained / hypnotized by lies
and this will be the END