He rises
He falls
He plans his own destiny
He has his own inherent needs
He blesses the ground that yields harvest
He increases his worth by his labor
He seeks a God who will serve him
He uses people
to acquire necessary comforts and accolades
He is stubborn to the core,
rebellious to God's commands,
critical of God's statutes,
unyielding in mindfulness
He sways the seller of goods
He loathes the Truth sayer,
those concerned about his soul
He's a person driven to excel,
receive pleasure and wealth
even as his soul suffers

You can open his ears,
but he will refuse to hear
You can open his eyes,
but he cannot see
You can speak truth to him
night and day
But don't you see
that he is beyond the task of human help?
He is beyond the scope
of human intervention
He is alone in his pride,
his utmost confidence in his own ability to reason
He is the representation
of these United States
A symbol of sorts
And yet, one of millions just like him

A prophet's job is done
when the words from God cease
A prophet's job is finished
when God decrees that every word
has been written
A prophet is only necessary
when the people refuse to listen
and then once the warnings are spoken in full
there is no more to be done

Stubborn man refuses to listen,
to heed, to obey
and there remains only one recourse

The signs / destruction come
because man is stubborn, rebellious to the core

The signs / destruction come
because man refuses to repent

The signs / destruction make it apparent
that God is concerned about all our endeavors

The signs / destruction come
to destroy a generation
in order to teach the next
the Ways and Glory of God

The signs / destruction come
in the night, but will last all day
until this earth is no more

The signs / destruction is brought here today,
because earthen, dust built man
will not listen to or heed His Creator

Woe to those who labor in these last days
for their strength will be cut in half

Woe to those who bear children in these last days
for theirs will be a plight of a thousand deaths

Woe to the rebellious,
who think themselves more wise than God
for you will see the Hand of God
sweep through the land without mercy
and your soul will know its limits
and suffer continually
for you will lack the power
to secure anything you desire

Woe to the preachers who have spoken in error
calling the masses to an easy false gospel
and lining people up at Hell's gates
with a Bible in hand

Woe to the children
for you will have to find God so very quickly
for your elders will be removed
as in a flash

Woe to the survivors
for many will beg for death
but their bodies will endure until the moment
they realize that this earth
was conceived by a God
who gave His only Son to ransom them
from this very fate

Woe to anyone who has read this
for unto you has been given
warning of the signs,
knowledge of the Truth
and you are responsible for all you know
until your last breath

Will you remain stubborn
or submit your life to Almighty God
unto the Redemption of your soul
and Transformation
to become Sons and Daughters of God,
Washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb,
Cleansed of all sin,
Clothed in Righteousness,
Obedient to God's Commands,
Filled with the Holy Spirit,
Empowered to Testify of Truth,
Restored, Reborn, Made Alive
To prove the Goodness and Mercy
Of God?

Isaiah 35

Will you recognize the signs?

Psalm 33