"The children will listen . . ."
Into the Woods

And children,
where will your Righteous Strength
come from in these last days
when all manner of evil
is set against you
to destroy you?

Is your God able
to deliver you
from the terrible onslaught
of Satan, himself?

Will you proclaim the Truth
when they come to take you away;
when family and friends betray you
endlessly unto
the very destruction of your heart?

Where will the Strength
to persevere arise from?

Is it foolish to believe
that we are more than conquerors
when all we see around us
and feel within us
is death?

Answer me, my soul,
where will you find hope?

And they say that in those last days,
the children rose to worship God
in the way that Heaven always intended
These children,
though hated and tortured,
faced their eyes toward Heaven
and sang and sang and sang
until all they knew
was peace and triumph and Salvation
in the purest form

Join me, children . . .