He says he wants to grow

He says he wants others to grow

He forces people out of his group

That choose not to grow

He prays

He worships

He reads the Bible

He teaches what he believes

He is respected

Looked up to

He counsels

He consoles

He thinks he understands God's ways

But when he is told that he sins

And condones sin

Allows sin

And covers for sin

After spending weeks

Leading his group

Through a study of Holiness

He refuses to repent

He claims no sin

His conscience is clear

His mentors back him up

He is free to teach and believe

As he chooses

He has no fear of God

He has no desire to know God's view

He is his own master

Living his life as he chooses

But calls himself "Christian"

And leads others

To be just as much of a


As he is

"Bastard, liar, mongrel, thief, hypocrite

Are the words I choose

For this man

Who leads others away from Truth

The days ahead will prove

That I am a Father who disciplines

My own

Wayward and proud

Arrogant and unrepentant

He stands

And people seek his counsel

But these are people

Who do not truly seek Me

Or I would tell them

That he is a hypocrite

Learn from men

Or learn from Me

Seek human counsel

Or seek Me

It is rare today to find

Those who will teach and counsel

According to Truth

I am here and ever present

And still you look to man

You will be led astray

You will not be able to please Me

This way

And he continues on

Until the light is fully removed

His followers cluster near him

Waiting for instruction

And he can't even see

The back of his own hand

Dumb sheep

Stupid people

Followers of the wicked

Unwilling to break away

To find Me

Standing in Truth

Teaching, guiding, encouraging,

Strengthening, empowering

The blind follow the blind

The hypocrite breeds more hypocrites

And I wait for this generation

To be cleared away

To make ready

A new people

With fully opened eyes

Hearts pure and right

Redeemed, repentant beings

Pleading for true transformation

Another generation skipped?

We will see . . .

But at the Right time

Know the fullness of this Promise

Psalm 48

Isaiah 48