In a kingdom far away
a snake lies in the grass
his head resting upon the ground
waiting, hoping for his next victim

This snake has struck before
and he has struck hard and fast
but will his poison last?

You see before you a treasure
one which you hold onto
with all your heart
This one treasure,
the one you parade and flaunt
will now suffer the consequences
of your sin

A young child waits for reprieve,
hopes for the King
to arise and make all things right
How long must the child wait
before the lies are refuted
and Righteousness is restored?

As your treasure lies
in the other room suffering
know that your sin
which you would not repent of
dwells deep within their mortal body
and steals away
all that the Snake stole
once before

Is the suffering for a redemptive reason?
Not entirely
for in redemption there is hope
for restoration and salvation
This suffering will be unto death
with no resurrection
This suffering will be
to steal and destroy
all that would not confess
and make right the fallen

Would a just God punish
in such a way
so as to teach a lesson
without allowing restoration?
All manner of Righteous supplication
has been made
on behalf of the fallen ones
but their hearts are hard
and swollen with hatred,
vengeance, spite, malice, lies
and soon the story
must be told

Isaiah 14
ushers in a new generation
NOT the generation of church-goers,
but a new, clean, Righteous generation
of people
who will surrender all
to be made new, whole, complete, Holy

Bind up your wounds, if you can
Take up your mat, if you will
Look into the Face of Mercy
and find your God
for if you will truly repent,
He will restore and save

Wash away, sins
Cleanse these mortal vessels
of all that hinders the infilling
of the Holy Spirit
Uphold Truth for in the end
Truth Will Out

And those who listen
to the snake in the grass
will be brought low
and suffer a fate worse
than the mind can perceive
for they refused the pleading
of the Holy Spirit
They refused to deny their sin,
themselves, their hatred
to take hold of the Hand
of the Redeemer

Will the suffering last long
over the accursed?
Only as long as it takes
for the news to spread of the sin
which brought such calamity
Only that long . . .

Rise up, saints
Walk in Righteousness
Do not forsake your God
for substitutes of religion
and men who speak of fine things,
but live lives of sin
For there is only One God
and to Him do you owe
your allegiance, your heart, your mind,
soul and spirit

Waste not time wallowing
in the Hell which the evil ones dwell
for such is their fate
which they have called upon themselves
Jeremiah 16
Repentance is necessary for salvation
Repentance is necessary for restoration
Repentance is the key to the Kingdom of God

And they said that in that day,
the followers of the One True God
left their nets to fish for men
in a new way, a new Holy way
It will not be revealed
until that time what manner of surprises
God has made ready for His Bride
but the Truth is
that the whole world will stand at attention
due to the Righteous Judgments
set in time to protect His Own

This day, the Kingdom comes . . . Are you ready?