Sign #1 approaches
By night
And the people do not have a clue
They weary themselves with service
Forgetting the object of their affection
They long to impress the masses
But belay the Heart of the Father

Why have they been chosen
to be Sign #1?

Because of the depth
of their hypocrisy
hardness of heart
contempt of Truth

Ezekiel 15

"Lay aside your sonnets
And well wishes in death
Lay aside your kind words
And accolades
Look at these people closely
Close enough that you see your own sins
Witness the Judgment
With eyes wide open
For you see,
Judgment comes to God's House
And it will put to death
Those who blaspheme
Those who speak words of piety
But secretly fill their lives with filth
Those who fail to show compassion
Those of well means who refuse to help the needy
Those who pray long winded prayers
But take no action in obedience

The time has come
I will lay them low
And there will be no resurrection

Jeremiah 16"