A Righteous son wavers at the crossroads
It's been a long journey and the sun is far from setting
The people have chosen to go their own way
securing land, happiness, security, frolic
but at the expense of their own souls and eternity

The young man walks from village to village
with his News
but it is too alarming, almost stifling to listen to
The people mock him and spit upon him
and he ends another day, another year with no one
who chooses to follow

Is the mission complete?
Has everyone been given a chance?

In the background, a rumbling begins
but it is not faint, but powerful and continuing
The young man falls on all fours to steady himself
"Is this what the Master meant when he said that I would know
when my mission was complete by the signs of the times?"

The rain begins, but it is not a downpour
only a steady rendering of cleansing to bring forth
what the people refused

Will this bring the people around to the Truth?
Will there be enough Judgment to change the human heart
to cause it to remember their Maker
and His Promise to make them whole?

The days continue with alarm after alarm
Fear grips the land and the children walk the streets
looking for bread, but there is no bread to be found
The adults chase after money, but there is none to be found

The land wastes away . . .
drought, famine, disease, suffering, torment
but the human heart / soul is still resistant to change
to embrace the inevitable

The churches now long gone
They folded when the last of the money dribbled in
The houses, many empty and yet some overflowing
The people lament, but not about their mistakes
They truly believe that they were owed so much more
but instead what they had
was removed in a day

Soldiers march the land and they are not from this soil
They plunder the land and laugh at the weary
They have no time for compassion
They are on a mission, a mission to secure
what doesn't belong to them

The Father sent His son on a mission
to secure what did belong to Him
but there was no response, no kindred spirit, no true alliance
so the enemy reaps
all that was not made secure
into the Hands of the Good Father

And in that day, the children of this cross
will seek to know Truth
as it had never been taught to them

They will seek their Father in Heaven
for food for their bodies and souls
and some will find all that was promised

Some will come to know
what the Righteous son was sent out to reveal
Some will walk in Righteousness and Truth
Some will be whole and powerful and pure
Some will Reign in Righteousness
because they saw the devastation that sin leaves
they saw the disease which sin wroughts
they saw the hunger which evil cannot fill
they saw firsthand the destruction of the land
and knew that the Father had another Plan
for His own

Psalm 51