Stand tall in the midst of the storm
for your God comes to deliver

He will deliver the tall and the small
He will make room for the needy,
the despised, the reprobate and the warrior

You see a glimpse of Him
in the opened Bible
but have you known Him to be strong
on your behalf?

Have you walked the way of the Cross
and only known rejection from God and man?

Do you see yourself in the Psalms
as David wrote and sung of his trials?

And yet, a new day arises
for those scar-borne, despised
people of the Cross
There will be a Celebration
this side of Heaven
in the form of released Power

"We've seen the power," you may say,
and yet, what you have witnessed
is NOT of Holiness,
not of the Lord Jesus Christ

"We've known the most powerful speakers
of the Gospel," you may say,
but what you have witnessed and seen and heard
were speakers of apostasy
welcoming all to be as one
in a world-wide compromised religion

"Oh, we've seen the mark of God over individuals
and witnessed their power,"
but what you may have seen and witnessed
were displays of the great mimicker, himself

"Then how will we know
who is authentic in these last days?
How will we know who to trust
and who carries the words, the Truth,
the Power of the Holy One of Israel?
How will we know?"

And they say that in that day,
the ones who bore the Cross,
who carried the suffering of God,
who counted themselves as nothing to know God
and surrender to His Perfect Will

UNTIL . . .

"the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord
as the waters cover the sea."
-Isaiah 11:9

10 days until sign #1
as Righteousness takes its place
to Rule

10 days until the evil
is exposed, disgraced, revealed
in its entirety

10 days until the signs begin,
the people bow,
the earth shakes,
graves open,
and there appears to be
a Sovereign move
to displace the old and errant order

Listen closely
to the wind in the hills
It brings good tidings
to those who have walked in the Way
It brings secrets, mysteries hidden long ago
Revelations, if you will
of the end of days
and the Power which will encompass,
enliven, pulse through the faithful

Come, Lord Jesus
We bid You, Come . . .

Show us Your Righteousness
Reveal the fulness of the Cross
unto the Resurrection

The 12th hour begins as sign #1
is welcomed through the gates of Hell