In a moment of time the earth will shake

With a quiet rumble it will begin

The people will scoff

The experts will predict

The soothsayers will distract

The children will be on high alert

Listen for the sound in the trees

Listen for the soft whisper

but there will be none

No other warning this time

No other speculation of cause and effect

This shaking will prove to be
disarming of the wise and the simple

It will dispel all rumors that all is well,
your future is secure

The rich will faint with loss

The poor will chase after their last meal

and still no true prophet prediction will match

And that is why this is being spoken this day

There is much to do to prepare for disaster

But even if the words of warning came,
there would be no one to heed

The ears and hearts have grown hard

and it would be better
if they had never heard the warning

But it is too late for that, isn't it now?

Look to the wise men

Watch the news

Ask your pastor, teacher, priest, rabbi

Seek answers

but none will be found
by those who only seek to lessen

the pain and loss

This is a new day

This is in preparation for
a New Beginning to Evangelism

For hasn't it been written
that knowledge of God will be spread

across the entire earth in time?

It is surely time to begin

The great shaking begins in your own heart,
your own home first

but then in one day, all will be lost

Will you play the pauper then
or rely on those who have helped you before?

I tell you the Truth, the help and comfort of man
will not save you on that day

Shake this earth

Shake it well

Burn the dross of our adulteries

Destroy our pagan gods and idols

Sweep through and bring life from death

Beauty from ashes

Truth from lies

Devour the false teacher
who makes his money from lies

breathed out from his firm frame
and glossy clothes

Take from the rich
what does not belong to simple man

and disperse it among those
who have hearts of gold

Bring the financiers to the dust
and remove their holdings

in one hour

for you see, man was never meant
to rule from his greed and lust

He was set upon this earth
by Almighty God

to bring Honor, Life, Hope,
Peace, Goodness, Health to the land

but that's a different story, isn't it?

That isn't what happened

BECAUSE man preferred
the lusts of his wanton heart

instead of loving
His Maker and Redeemer

God has spoken

God has decreed

God has made it known to prophets,
at least one

that the time has come to start over

and it will start with

which will bring FEAR

and the rest is entirely up to you

You do not know the time
or the hour of this SHAKING

You do not know
if these words are true

You do not know anything,
but what you see with your eyes

and fantasize with your soul

but you will know in time
and when it begins

Mercy will not be plentiful

and Grace will be hard to find

because you have made your hearts
so hard with lusts of the flesh
and religion which coats the soul

with edification of the wrong kind

Dig deep

Do it today

There are just hours left

The first sign is reported here

but not for the masses to read

It will be more of a quiet resolution
to an ongoing problem

BUT the Truth is
that it will be symbolic
from start to finish

Do not look for this sign

Do not believe
that you will have time
to change at the last minute

Read and study:  SHALACH : SENT

and God will lead you
to safety and the preservation of your soul