How far will a pastor go to stop the prophetic?
How will he stand against the very words of God?
What right does he have to silence God?

And yet it happens repeatedly
even by pastors who pay good money
to bring in prophets

It truly is a matter of the heart
It's a matter of God's Heart
and whether a pastor can recognize Him

What manner of evil causes a pastor
to accuse a prophet of not having God's Heart
only because the prophet is told by God
to speak warnings?

What manner of ignorance
causes a church to close its doors
to those who truly hear from God?

Each in turn,
pastor after pastor
church after church
refuse God's warnings
until God decides to wait for the next generation
and this time, exclude the churches altogether

You may not believe these words,
but God's actions don't depend on your belief

There was a time when pastors
sought God on their knees
waiting for a fresh word from God

There was a time when pastors
would ask God to cleanse them
of all sin and all unrighteousness

There was a time when a pastor
was someone who prayed for you
and you would truly be healed, delivered, restored

Now, there is entertainment
lewd remarks
sensory visions
false wishful prophetic
crazy demonic dancing
as if the pastors are auditioning for late night TV

Turn the volume up, God will now
So that all will hear His warnings,
But for most it is already too late

The Heart of God is different
than most of the pastors preach
It is altogether different
than you hear from the TV pastors
and mega church preachers

God is Holy
This is the lesson for today
And God will teach this lesson
in a way that people will learn

And woe to the pastors
who spoke lies
who misrepresented God
who silenced God's Voice through His prophets

Woe to you this very day!

Isaiah 33