Torn by Truth
you stood and you waited
You silenced the voices
in one quick threat
You stood alone in your kingdom
and spread lies
Why would you do such a thing?
Because you chose to protect the guilty
and allow the abuse of the innocent
to continue

You were commissioned years ago
as a "shepherd" of God's people
You were entrusted with so many lives,
the young, the old, the rich and poor
You guided them with Scripture
You prayed over them
with all your spiritual might
but when it came to choosing
right over wrong
You sunk back into your old patterns
and feared the repercussions
that Truth brings
and sided with the abusers, the liars,
the thieves, hypocrites
and those who pay your salary

You are despicable on so many levels
You are accountable of all the crimes
committed in your kingdom
You, alone, will be brought before the Righteous King
and Judgement will surely be more than you can bear

You failed to protect the innocent
You served the Truth speakers up to the accusers
You allowed children to be abused
while you looked the other way
This day, your children, your own flesh and blood
are required of you

Your sentence will not be repealed
You were warned over and over and over
You thought you could silence the Truth
and protect your family and kingdom
but this day, under the Righteous Judgment of God
all is removed from you
in just a moment of time

You stood in great arrogance
to silence
You stood, believing that you had authority
granted by God to do so
You stood, but now, you will no longer stand,
no longer represent Christianity which protects
the young, the helpless, the innocent
You will forever be
a symbol of the apostasy of this nation
as the entire world discovers your evil

Lie in the grave, evil one
for that is what you caused the children
and the Truth speakers to do
You silenced that which would have protected
You held your hand up to stop the words
which would have brought life and hope
You, alone, prevented Justice
but this day, this very day,
it comes to you, your family
and your small kingdom

You will surely be torn apart
by the Mighty Lion

which brings Justice
this very day!