They observed the land
and there was smoke everywhere
The water dried up
The sun blazed
Farm animals expired
Children stopped their playing
Businesses closed
Trains, buses, cars stopped
for the heat was excruciating

Fires blazed in open fields,
across prairies and within forests
The mountains were laid bare

The ground shook
Buildings crumbled
The earth slid
Some towns were no more

You could hear the coo of the dove,
but that was all
There were no sounds of peace
There were no tales of hope
There were few churches
that dared to open their doors

The land was silent
The people more silent still
and wouldn't it be a good time
for a prophet to rise up and say,
"I told you so!"?
but the True ones could no longer
be found

Not only were they silent,
they were entirely gone
The only thing that remained
were the words they wrote
Now, the words were read
Now, the people looked for Truth
Now, it held value . . .
but only for a little while
for the words only took the people
so far, but not all the way
to safety

The words were written
to bring them hope,
to teach them God's ways,
to separate Truth from error . . .
but there were still pieces
to the puzzle missing

It was, as if, the story was not complete
but the writer went on holiday

It was, as if, because the hearts
were not prepared to listen,
the prophet was sent away

It was, as if, God sheltered
the Truth-sayer from the Judgment
to prepare a New Day of prophetic
for those hungry and thirsty
for the Living Water

Isaiah 55

When will the prophet return
and will God give them words to write
that will save the sorry souls
of those trapped on this earth?

Psalm 107

The words will come
but they will not be free
Only those of a right heart
will lay privy to the Treasure

The Truth is, and will always be,
you must lay down everything
to receive the Truth
the Father will speak

You must sacrifice it all
for the Treasure in the field
You can no longer hold back
and take a word here or there
and receive only what you like

It's all or nothing
The words will cost you
everything you are,
everything you have,
everything you hope to be
and then Truth will set you

You cannot drink tainted water
along with the Pure
You cannot go to your local church,
be involved with religious ministry
governed by man
and expect to be led by the Holy Spirit

You cannot hold onto your riches
and take the egg from the golden goose

You will know when you are ready
for the words

You will know when you will no longer
fight the Truth

You will know when the Father
deems you worthy

You will know and at that point,
you will want to give up everything
to receive the Word of God

Until then . . . the Father waits
as He tries you by FIRE.

Isaiah 24