True worship of the King
dispels the lies
True worship of the King
cleanses the soul
True worship
binds the heart to its Maker

Come and worship!
Be washed anew in the cleansing Blood
For you see
The master of lies
will bring fear, hopelessness, anarchy
The full destruction of your soul

Look up
Remember His Deliverance
And set your heart
On Him, the King
Who has bought your Salvation

Praise Him!
All who have breath
Praise Him!

And they say that many fell
under the power of the evil ones
There was sadness and death
The whole land was trapped in despair

But if you listened closely
You could hear a few, a very few
Singing praises to their King
With eyes shut tightly
Hands raised
Hearts tuned to the King
They sang with passion
They sang without hesitation
for they belonged
where the King reigned
and where He reigned
All was well

The land swells with the pride
Of those unwilling to bow to the King
The land is doomed, destined
To be overtaken by darkness
and yet, there is a song being sung
of a Savior
Who brings Light and dispels darkness

Sing, children!
Sing, saints!
For in your song does the King reign
He will surely reign through your praises!
Surely He will!