SEPT 5 2014

Severe testing is coming to the United States
so very soon
If you're not willing to die
for the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
you will be found unworthy
by the Father

The "pretenders,"
those who only "practice" Christianity
will be quickly proven
to belong to the wrong camp

Feel good, look good, wealthy,
hypocritical "Christianity"
is on the way out
You must be born of the Spirit of God
and once you are
you will be driven and compelled
by God's Spirit within you

to do the Perfect Will of the Father

The Truth of the Gospel is not lived out
through practice
but by the Power of the Holy Spirit

In the coming days
people will be gunned down in churches
and taken from their homes
Bibles and Christian books will be banned
What will you "pretend" then?

In one very long day
the masquerade will be over
and you will stand before the Father
naked and condemned

We have a saying here in Italy
from Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" --
"Truth will out"
All will be revealed in the coming days
and the goats will be separated from the sheep