The alarm sounds and the people are sleeping
The fog rolls in and the spouses are no more
Sermons are preached but there is no content
Babies cry with no one to comfort them

You should have awakened before the alarm
Now you will not sleep well again
until the alarm within your soul
causes full repentance
unto your own safety and salvation

The fog of lies has swept through the churches
and no longer is there the Bride of Christ
waiting for her Groom
You despised sound teaching
and married a whore to escape conviction
This day your spouse is removed from you
as you removed My Bride from Me
with your lies

What is it that you teach now?
Do you think that I do not hear?
Worse, do you think that I do not care that you
lead the sheep to a foreign pasture
foreign gods

Your sermons have no true content from My Spirit
The words are all contrived in the mind of man
And the result?
Madness, sheer madness
I will allow you to fully embrace your apostasy
unto your own destruction

The children of this generation will be left alone
Tragedy strikes and you will not be able to return
to comfort your own
Have you been called away?
No, you have been literally removed
to allow this last generation
to find Truth
to embrace the Gospel
to follow Me unhindered

You have been found unworthy to lead
because you would not follow

Psalm 66